Taking advantaging of our expertise,experience and capability in organofluorine chemistry, we are extending our business to the field of  non-fluorochemicals, including  non-fluorinating reagents (e.g. silylating reagents,borylating reagents and chiral reagents), Crown ethers, non-fluorinated organic (heterocyclic, homocyclic and acyclic) building blocks and non-fluorinated probe builiding blocks. This product catalogue are well-selected with continuously-expanding items and supplied from gram-research-scale to kilo-bulk-scale to our clients, supporting their research and production from conception to commercial realisation.

Among these non-fluorochemicals, we have especially organised and compiled a collection of trifunctional probe building blocks for photoreactive labeling (PAL) in medicinal chemistry and chemical biolgoy. Recent example of using this strategy include affinity-based protein profiling (AfBPP), drug target identification, binding ensemble profiliing, studying endogenous biological molecules and imaging applications. Each of them are "all-in-one" chemical moieties that are available to arm a parent ligand of choice with three components:
1. Connectivity group: it is utilized to faciliate coupling to ligands, such as NH2,CO2H,OH,CHO,Br,I, etc..
2. Photoreactive group: PRG is capable of forming a covalent bond between the biological target and the ligand/photoprobe, with the generation of a highly reactive intermediate,typically a nitrene, carbene or diradical under the irradiation with UV light target. In particular, Benezophenones, Arylazides and Diazirines have been widely used as photoreactive groups in photoaffinity labeling.
3.Clickable handle: Either a terminal alkyne or aliphatic azide is employed as a clickable handle/chemical reporter, which permits click-chemistry bioorthogonal conjuation with various tags or tracers (e.g. biotin, FLAG peptide,fluorophore and radioactive isotopes).

We also deliberately selected  a group of crown ethers and their derivatives. These macrocyclic compounds are known to form complexes with various cations offering new possibilities in different field of chemistry, e.g. phase-transfer catalysis, mediation of transport processes through artificial and natural membranes, ion chromatography and electroanalytical chemistry. Our competence is focused on the preparation of crown ether derivatives possessing selective complexing ability, such as the ligands employed as biological transport mediators (potential pharmaceuticals) and active ingredients in liquid membrane electrodes(electroanalytical application), etc..

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You can either buy our non-fluorinating reagents and then introduce corresponding groups into your  own desired compounds, or you can simply order non-fluorinated building blocks pre-loaded with heterocyclic  or organic subsitituent. For more information about additional non-fluorinated building blocks, please contact us by sending email to bulk@kumidas.com.
Please inquire for pricing and availability of listed products by writing email to sales@kumidas.com.