Taking advantaging of our expertise,experience and capability in organofluorine chemistry, we are extending our business to the field of  non-fluorochemicals, including  non-fluorinating reagents,non-fluorinated organic (heterocyclic,homocyclic and acyclic) building blocks and non-fluorinated probe builiding blocks. This product catalogue are well-selected with continuously-expanding items and supplied from gram-research-scale to kilo-bulk-scale to our clients, supporting their research and production from conception to commercial realisation.

Among these non-fluorochemicals, we have especially organised and compiled a collection of trifunctional probe building blocks for photoreactive labeling (PAL) in medicinal chemistry and chemical biolgoy. Recent example of using this strategy include affinity-based protein profiling (AfBPP), drug target identification, binding ensemble profiliing, studying endogenous biological molecules and imaging applications. Each of them are "all-in-one" chemical moieties that are available to arm a parent ligand of choice with three components:
1. Connectivity group: it is utilized to faciliate coupling to ligands, such as NH2,CO2H,OH,CHO,Br,I, etc..
2. Photoreactive group: PRG is capable of forming a covalent bond between the biological target and the ligand/photoprobe, with the generation of a highly reactive intermediate,typically a nitrene, carbene or diradical under the irradiation with UV light target. In particular, Benezophenones, Arylazides and Diazirines have been widely used as photoreactive groups in photoaffinity labeling.
3.Clickable handle: Either a terminal alkyne or aliphatic azide is employed as a clickable handle/chemical reporter, which permits click-chemistry bioorthogonal conjuation with various tags or tracers (e.g. biotin, FLAG peptide,fluorophore and radioactive isotopes).

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You can either buy our non-fluorinating reagents and then introduce corresponding groups into your  own desired compounds, or you can simply order non-fluorinated building blocks pre-loaded with hetercyclic  or organic subsitituent. For more information about additional non-fluorinated building blocks, please contact us by sending email to bulk@kumidas.com.
Please inquire for pricing and availability of listed products by writing email to sales@kumidas.com.