As the simplest alkyl homologue that contains a CF3 moiety, the structurally similar trifluoroethyl group(CH2CF3)  has gained more attentions from the fields of synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry.  Although still less studies in much detail, many of trifluoroethyl groups have been incorporated in several drugs, such as Flecainide(OCH2CF3),Polythiazide(SCH2CF3) and Quazepam(NCH2CF3).

Direct introduction of trifluoroethyl groups for the synthesis of compounds can be accomplished using one of three pathways: nuclephilic (i.e. aryl iodide cross-coupling with trifluoromethyliodomethane), electrophilic(i.e. the trifluoroethylation of N-,O- and S-nucleophiles with different iodine-based trifluoroethylating reagents) and radical reactions( i.e. the fluoroalkylation of selected nitrogen heterocycles with a zinc sulfinate reagent).

More recently, some new methods for introduction of a trifluoroethyl group into target compounds has been developed. For instance,  The 2,2-Difluoro-2-(triphenylphosphonio)acetate salt (kumi2F03) can be used as  metal-free trifluoroethylatin reagent for the rapid and efficient transformation of various aryl and heteroaryl aldehydes and ketones into the desired trifluoroarene in good yields.  The mesityl(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)iodonium trifluoromethanesulfonate (kumi6F06) was developed as a novel highly C3 selective metal-free trifluoroethylation of indoles, through which a trifluoroethyl group can be incorporated in  a fast and efficient reaction under mild conditions with high functional group tolerance.

Trifluoroethylating Reagents Overview

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